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Over 25 years capacitor purchasing and workshop supervising experience .

About Us

Shenzhen Jinmao Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturing and development plant. The company has a complete, scientific quality management system and has established its own brand "YTF capacitors".
The company's development goals and business philosophy is "technology-based, realistic and innovative, the pursuit of excellence, quality first", product performance in line with national standards, industry standards, and through the Ministry of Information Industry, testing centers and other authoritative testing institutions and EU ROHS directives SGS environmental certificate.
At the same time, we have applied for the "YTF" trademark certificate in the United States and India, which means that our products are of high quality. The company's integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry.
Therefore, welcome to visit us and negotiate business.

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