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Sanjay-friend from Exhibition

786 Published by at May 29,2019

I got Sanjay's name card from electronica India on Sept. 2017. We started to get in touch on whatsapp at the end of October.

I remembered that I introduce my self on whatsapp and didn't get much reply from him. Of course, no one would pay much attention to a stranger like this. I kept showing him more information about our company like products, certificate etc. every few days. Finally I got his reply and felt that he was interested in our products.

At the begining, he asked lots of smd capacitor and resistor. I sent him the price list, there is no feedback at all every time. After several quotation, I started to doubt that he is just want the price not products. And there is some times that I don't want to give him the price. But one day, a thought came into my mind: he must need products otherwise he don't keep asking for price. I keep giving him quotation after that and I got the his first order on March 2018, right after the Chinese New Year.

He need original smd on everything. smd capacitor, smd resistor, smd fuse, smd led etc. He's a rigorous man. He need Photo of product to confirm everytime something required. He need every detail same on PI, PL, Invoice as his. Although I made mistake sometimes, he gave me chance and time to fix them. Now we have cooperated for over 1 year. 

I believe that we will keep this relationship in the future.

*orders from Sanjay

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