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Does the crystal oscillator have positive and negative electrodes? - Case

Does the crystal oscillator have positive and negative electrodes?

974 Published by at October 14,2019

Does the crystal oscillator have positive and negative electrodes?
Quartz crystal oscillator is a high-precision and high-stability oscillator, which is widely used in various types of oscillation circuits such as color TVs, computers, remote controls, etc., as well as frequency generators for communication systems, clock signals for data processing equipment, and Provide a reference signal for a specific system.

Generally, the crystal oscillator has no direction, but the crystal oscillator has an active crystal oscillator and a passive crystal oscillator. The active crystal oscillator has a split direction, but most of the products use a passive crystal oscillator.

Ordinary piezoelectric passive quartz crystal is a non-polar component. The crystal itself has only a single quartz wafer processed. It needs to be designed to generate an oscillating signal. The single crystal oscillator itself is oscillating. The general routine of the plug-in is Two feet, of course, there will be three feet, the middle of the foot is generally used for grounding. Of course, with the development of technology, there are four-legged ordinary patch resonators, and the four feet are actually only two feet. For the real power-on work, the remaining two feet are suspended, and one can be used for grounding (can be connected or not).

Active quartz crystal oscillator is a model with a minimum of 4 feet. The purpose of the four feet is: one foot is suspended, two feet are grounded, three feet are connected to output, four feet are connected to voltage, and the voltage is also divided into the following types. Volt, 2.5 volts, 3 volts, 3.3 volts, 3.8 volts, 5 volts, etc. The oscillator itself has an active oscillator IC in addition to the processed piezoelectric quartz wafer, as well as two resistors and two capacitors. Some will have a three-stage voltage regulator tube and other original parts, the appearance of the plug-in is relatively large, but with the current technological development, the active crystal oscillator volume is also 20mm from the initial large volume, 11mm wide, and now 2.5mm long. When the small size is 2.0mm, the English word for the active crystal oscillator is simply called Quartz crystaloscillator.

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