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Basic knowledge of aluminum electrolytic capacitor  - Case

Basic knowledge of aluminum electrolytic capacitor

639 Published by at October 14,2019

1. Definition: A capacitor is an electronic component consisting of two electrically insulated dielectrics which are used as electrodes in the middle of the reversal. It is called a capacitor. Insulation medium: oxide film conductor: metal, decomposition, semiconductor (where the decomposition belongs to conductor) electrolyte with condensed capacitor belongs to decomposition, is a conductor.

2. Capacitance: The difference between the capacitance stored on the capacitor chip and the potential between the two poles is only equal to the capacitance of the capacitor. Capacity = Electricity/Potential Difference The earth's capacitance is the farad pole.

3. The units of capacitance: Faraf, millimeter mf, microfabrication uf, nanofa NF and skin fabrication PF are in the 1000-digit system.

4. The mechanism of charge storage: due to the polarization of the medium. Batteries can also be called capacitors, chemical energy - when electricity is not electrified, the medium is messy, there is no order, after electrification "same sex repel each other, opposite sex"

Connection mode of capacitor and calculation

1), series connection: formula 1/c=1/c1+1/c2+1/c3+... When there are only two in series, C = C1 * C2 /(c1 + c2) when C1 = c2, C = C1 / 2 = C2 / 2.........

Parallel connection: C = C1 + C2 + C3 +... C = C positive * C negative /(c positive + C negative) * coefficient specific capacity is the capacity per unit area.

The negative pole of high voltage capacitor can not consider the specific capacity.


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