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China Manufacturer High Farad Super Capacitor 5.4V250F Battery  - Super Capacitor

The outstanding advantages are high power density, short charge and discharge time, long cycle life and wide operating temperature range. China Manufacturer High Farad Super Capacitor 5.4V250F Battery


China Manufacturer High Farad Super Capacitor 5.4V250F Battery

Product Specification:

  • Model Number :5.4V250F
  • Application :Energy storage device, Car
  • Package Type ::Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature :-20℃-70℃
  • Load life :5 years
  • OEM/ODM :Yes
  • Express Delivery :DHL/UPS/EMS
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China Manufacturer High Farad Super Capacitor 5.4V250F Battery 

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super capacitor 5.4V250F


Product Description

super capacitor 5.4V250Fsuper capacitor 5.4V250F

super capacitor 

1.long life: up to 8 million to 120 million cycles

2.High Power density: up 6700w/kg

3.Low ESR: can be used as a rechargeable battery and ideal for back up purposes

4.Quick charge: charging 10 seconds to 10 minutes to reach its rated capacity of more than 95%

5.Quality standard:ISO 9001:2000;ISO 9001:2008;ISO 14001:2004

6.Excellent service: ensure products quality,promise one year after-sold service,there is no worry for you 

super capacitor 5.4V250Fsuper capacitor 5.4V250Fsuper capacitor 5.4V250Fsuper capacitor 5.4V250F


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super capacitor farad


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super capacitor farad


super capacitor farad

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super capacitor faradsuper capacitor farad

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super capacitor 5.4v batterysuper capacitor 5.4v battery

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super capacitor 5.4v battery

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