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Super capacitor battery drives the wind power revolution - News

Super capacitor battery drives the wind power revolution

352 Published by at September 02,2019

As a new energy storage component, super capacitor high voltage has the characteristics of long cycle life and fast charging and discharging time. In the closed and limited space hub control cabinet of the wind turbine, super capacitor high voltage has a wide temperature range, small volume and large capacity. In the wind power equipment system, the super capacitor does not overcharge, the overdischarge affects the life, and the charging and discharging process is only a physical level change, and will not cause secondary pollution to the inside of the hub of the perennial closed space operation. The super capacitor high voltage maintains a stable DC voltage to ensure the normal operation of the pitch servo motor.

The basic working principle of the super capacitor high voltage is the carbon-carbon double-layer principle. The storage process is reversible. The RC model is used for analysis, including the equivalent series internal resistance RESP of the ideal capacitor C. The equivalent parallel internal resistance REPR and RESP affect the charging and discharging efficiency of the super capacitor. REPR affects the self-discharge of the capacitor, ie long-term stationary storage. The difference in stored charge is that the electric double layer capacitor stores energy in the form of an electrostatic charge on the electrode-electrolyte surface. This energy storage mode has the characteristics of fast charging/discharging capability, high reliability and long cycle life. Compared with lead-acid batteries, it is more advantageous for emergency pitch power supply in the case of variable wind conditions.super capacitor high voltage

After replacing a part of the super capacitor high voltage , the wind power is random, the environment is bad, the temperature and humidity change greatly, and the salt spray pollution is seriously affected. It can be concluded that the super capacitor high voltage is more stable than the lead-acid battery, and the practicability and feasibility are stronger. super capacitor high voltage.It can be expected that the application of the supercapacitor will gradually increase in the development of the more mature wind power generation technology. Therefore,super capacitor high voltage is very feasible as a backup power source for wind turbines.

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