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What means of ceramic capacitor 104 ? - News

What means of ceramic capacitor 104 ?

271 Published by at August 26,2019

On the ceramic capacitor, we often see that there are 101, 102 and 104 marks on the capacitor. So, how much is this capacitance resistance value, how to calculate its capacitance value, how much is their withstand voltage value, let's see together.

Calculating method of capacitor resistance value:

The resistance values of ceramic capacitors are usually digitally labeled by three-digitally labeled method. The specific meaning of this method is as follows:

The first two digits marked on the ceramic capacitor are valid numbers, and the third is the bit rate of the first digit (that is, how many times of 10).

The unit of capacitance digital marking method is pF (skin method = 10 ^(-12) method).

Examples are given below, such as:

104 identifies 10 x 10^4 = 100 000 pF, which is equal to 0.1 uF

Another example is: 100 is 10 x 10 ^ 0 = 10 pF                                                                                                    1kv 104 ceramic capacitor                                          

105 is 10 x 10 ^ 5 = 1000000 pF = 1uF

Like ordinary resistance, the unit of resistance of capacitors is "ohm".

Classification of ceramic capacitors:

Ceramic chip capacitors can be divided into two types: high frequency ceramic and low frequency ceramic.

MLCC (Class 1) - Miniaturization, high frequency, ultra-low loss, low ESR, high stability, high voltage withstand, high insulation, high reliability, non-polarity, low capacitance, low cost, high temperature resistance, mainly used in high frequency circuits.

MLCC (Category 2) - Miniaturization, High Specific Volume, Medium and High Pressure, Polarity Free, High Reliability, High Temperature Resistance, Low ESR, Low Cost. It is mainly used for capacitors such as isolation, coupling, bypass and filtering in medium and low frequency circuits.

Discriminant method of voltage withstand value of ceramic capacitor and polyester capacitor:

1J stands for 6.3X10 = 63V

2F stands for 3.15X100 = 315V

3A stands for 1.0X1000 = 1000V                                                                                                                           2kv 104 ceramic capacitor

1K stands for 8.0X10 = 80V

The maximum number is 4. For example, 4Z stands for 90,000 V.

There are also two common ways to mark ceramic capacitor withstand voltage, one is to print the withstand voltage value directly on the ceramic capacitor, the other is to use a combination of a number and a letter. Numbers denote the power exponent of 10, letters denote values, and units are V (volts).

Also, the Arabic letter A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/K/Z

The corresponding withstand voltage is 1.0/1.25/1.6/2.0/2.5/3.15/4.0/5.0/6.3/8.0/9.0.

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