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Test method for performance of high voltage aluminium electrolytic capacitors - News

Test method for performance of high voltage aluminium electrolytic capacitors

274 Published by at September 02,2019

In addition to the capacity, tangent loss angle, leakage current and impedance value usually measured, the key to determine the performance of high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors is positive aluminum foil and electrolyte.

①Rated voltage UR:Maximum continuous normal operating voltage allowed by capacitor design.

②Surge voltage US:Surge voltage refers to the maximum voltage allowed to be applied to the electrolytic capacitor                                                     

in a short time. According to IEC 60384-4, the surge voltage of US 1.10*UR. 400V capacitor is 440V, and that of 450V capacitors is 495V.          

 ③Ripple voltage:After the rated ripple current (AC) is applied to the capacitor, the AC voltage generated.                           

The sum of the peak ripple voltage applied to the capacitor and the  DC voltage shall not be greater than the rated voltage UR of the capacitor.

16v 470uf high voltage electrolytic capacitor10v 400v high voltage electrolytic capacitor

Several Parameters and Test Method Affecting the Performance of High Voltage Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors as follows:

1.Surge voltage test: generally applied according to the national standards of aluminium electrolytic capacitors. Set surge voltage to charge capacitors for 30 seconds and discharge immediately for 5 minutes and 30 seconds (one cycle). The test is completed after 1000 cycles. Because the surge test voltage is much lower than the formation voltage of aluminium foil used in capacitors, plus short charging time, almost all high voltage aluminium electrolytic capacitors The instrument can pass the test successfully.

2.Ripple voltage test: mainly through the durability test (Load Life). First, the capacitor is placed in 85_C or 105_C oven, applied about 100V DC voltage, then superimposed ripple voltage. The magnitude of ripple voltage depends on the maximum ripple current allowed by the capacitor and the internal resistance of the capacitor.

Because of the application of alternating current in the test, the damage to aluminium electrolytic capacitor is strong, not all products can pass the test, which can reflect the performance of the product more intuitively; moreover, the test must be carried out by special AC and DC power supply, and the test can be carried out continuously for at least 2000 hours, which costs electricity and electricity. Human resources are not a small number. Therefore, not all aluminium electrolytic capacitor manufacturers have the conditions and willingness to carry out. The high reliability products advertised by many companies can withstand large ripple currents are in fact only a number but not a real test.

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