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Aluminum Shell Resistance(1)--YTF capacitor - News

Aluminum Shell Resistance(1)--YTF capacitor

365 Published by at September 02,2019

Aluminum Shell Resistance1

Aluminum shell resistor, the shell is made of aluminum alloy (gold aluminum shell), the surface has heat dissipation groove, small volume, high power, high temperature resistance, strong overload capability, weather resistance, high precision, standard low induction resistance, high stability, strong architecture The flexible combination of multiple combinations is beneficial to mechanical protection and easy to install and use.


The aluminum shell resistance is the same as other resistors, resistance (usually indicated by "R"), aluminum shell resistance, etc., which in physics indicate the magnitude of the conductor's resistance to current. The greater the resistance of the conductor, the greater the resistance of the conductor to the current. Different conductors have different resistances, and resistance is a characteristic of the conductor itself. The resistance will cause a change in the amount of electron flow. The smaller the resistance, the larger the electron flux, and vice versa. The resistance value of the aluminum shell resistance element is generally related to temperature, material, length, and cross-sectional area. The physical quantity that measures the resistance of the aluminum shell to the temperature is the temperature coefficient, which is defined as the resistance value occurs every 1 °C increase in temperature. The percentage change.

The main physical characteristic of aluminum shell resistance is that the electric energy is thermal energy. It can also be said that the aluminum shell resistor is an energy consuming element through which current generates internal energy. The resistor usually functions as a partial pressure or a shunt in the circuit. For signals, both AC and DC signals can pass through the resistor.

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