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Cause of capacitor breakdown--YTF Capacitor - News

Cause of capacitor breakdown--YTF Capacitor

369 Published by at December 17,2018

Cause of capacitor breakdown


The fundamental cause of capacitive breakdown is that the dielectric insulation of the dielectric is destroyed and polarization is generated. The causes of dielectric insulation damage are:

1. The working voltage exceeds the maximum withstand voltage of the capacitor;

2. The quality of the capacitor is not good, the leakage current is large, the temperature is gradually increased, and the insulation strength is lowered.

Method of avoiding dielectric breakdown

1. Use materials with high dielectric strength;

2. The insulating material has a certain thickness and does not contain impurities such as bubbles or moisture;

3. Try to distribute the electric field as required to avoid the power line being too dense in some places.

4. The polarity of the polarity capacitor is reversed or connected to the AC power supply.

Can the capacitor recover after breakdown?

1. The dielectric is a gas or a liquid, both of which are self-recovering insulating media, and the breakdown is reversible;

2. The dielectric is a solid, and the breakdown is irreversible. It is the only insulating medium that cannot be recovered after breakdown.

Due to its special structure, capacitors must be controlled in the manufacturing process. In storage, they should also pay attention to avoid moisture or oxidation. These will lead to shortened service life of electrolytic capacitors, so choose a good electrolytic capacitor manufacturer. Especially important, Shenzhen Jinmaoyuan Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. is a brand capacitor manufacturer.


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