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What Areas Film Capacitors Are Applied - News

What Areas Film Capacitors Are Applied

241 Published by at August 20,2019

Film capacitors refer to capacitors with electrical grade plastic film as electrolyte. Compared with ceramics and electrolytic capacitors, it has the advantages of good frequency characteristics, low dielectric loss and high reliability, but low capacity, poor heat resistance and high price. Polyester film and polypropylene film are the most widely used media.The common MKP capacitor is the name of Metailized Polypropylene Film Capacitor,for example,MKP X2 Capacitor,CBB film capacitor;  while MKT is the name of Metailized Polyester Capacitor. All of them belong to film capacitors.

                    CBB Film CapacitorMKP X2 Capacitor

Film capacitor is also called plastic film capacitor in the living environment. It mainly uses plastic film as dielectric. Because capacitors have different electrical properties, there are many kinds of capacitors. For example, electrolyte capacitors, air capacitors, paper capacitors and film capacitors. It has made great contributions to their respective discovery fields. At the same time, it brings many benefits to people's life.

It mainly uses metal foil as the electrode, and then works by electricity. Because it has many excellent characteristics, it is a kind of excellent capacitor, such as common knowledge characteristics in science and technology, non-polarity, good insulation impedance and so on. All, a lot of analog circuits will choose it, and safe and reliable, can reduce the harm to people themselves.

In addition to being used as circuits,  film capacitors are still used in many fields, such as electronics, home appliances, telephones, electrical and other industries. Many people touch these things every day, but they do not know that they are made of thin film capacitors.

According to the statistics of China Electronic Components Industry Association, the global  film capacitor market will grow rapidly in 2010 at the rate of 15-20%. The growth of film capacitor market will certainly drive the rapid growth of polypropylene electronic film market.


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