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Varistor use matte

380 Published by at January 10,2019

In the actual application process, the varistor has three failure modes: deterioration, bursting, and perforation. For this reason, when using a varistor, corresponding protective measures should be taken to avoid damage to the varistor and device due to uncertainties. At the same time, in practical applications, there are a few things to note:

1) VDR is strictly prohibited from being installed near heat or combustible components, and should be larger than 3mm;

2) If the varistor is connected between the live part of the equipment and the metal casing, measures should be taken to avoid electric shock accidents;

3) The varistor should be protected from high temperature and high humidity such as sunlight, wind, rain, water vapor, dust, salt and harmful gases, and if necessary, protected by a protective box;

4) In the actual application process, it is strictly prohibited to clean the varistor with a solvent such as acetone to avoid damaging the epoxy resin of the VDR package;

5) The varistor storage temperature is below 40 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is less than 75% RH;

6) When the inrush current is repeatedly generated, the surge current peak value and surge energy of the varistor cannot exceed the pulse life characteristic;

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