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The role of color code inductance in the circuit - News

The role of color code inductance in the circuit

315 Published by at March 27,2019

The role of color code inductance in the circuit

1. There is a layer of insulating material between the two conductors of the color code inductor.   The charge cannot pass, and the conductors on both sides accumulate the opposite charge under the action of the electric field. If it is DC, there will be no more current after charging. This is even if the DC is applied. If AC power is applied, due to the charge and discharge of the capacitor, the charging charge will change from time to time with the voltage direction. The current will change, and the charge will be charged as if the current passed through the capacitor. This is the coupling.

2. The tuning loop is a parallel loop of color code inductors. The current of the color code inductor cannot jump. When there is no voltage outside, the loop has current flowing to the capacitor. The potential of the color code inductor can be released, and the capacitor is charged. And discharge to the inductor, which in turn charges the capacitor. This forms an oscillation. If the frequency of the external signal is equal to the oscillation frequency of this loop, it causes resonance, which is called resonance.

3, Can be used to select the frequency, used for tuning and filtering. What happens in this loop is the potential energy (in the inductor) that changes the electric field energy (in the capacitor). The electric field energy (in the capacitor) is the potential energy (in the inductor). The delay is to use the string resistor in the capacitor charging loop to limit the charging current and reach the delay necessary to fully charge the capacitor. Color code inductance (or inductance) is the physical quantity that characterizes the ability of the inductor to hold charge. The amount of electricity we need to increase the potential difference between the two plates of the inductor by one volt is called the capacitance of the capacitor. Color code inductor is physics, it is a static charge storage medium (just like a bucket, you can charge the charge into, in the absence of a discharge loop, remove the dielectric leakage self-discharge effect / color The code inductance is significant, and the possible charge is permanent. This is its characteristic. It is widely used. It is an indispensable electronic component in the field of electronics and power. Mainly used in power supply filtering, signal filtering, signal coupling, resonance, DC blocking and other circuits.

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