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The advantages of film capacitors - News

The advantages of film capacitors

324 Published by at May 16,2019

At present, most of the film capacitors used for DC support of new energy vehicles use high-temperature polybutylene films as the medium. What advantages does the film capacitor have?

1. The film capacitor product has good safety, strong over-pressure resistance, good temperature characteristics, and the product temperature range can be from -40 °C to 105 °C;
2. film capacitor frequency characteristics are stable, high frequency characteristics, polarity, can withstand reverse voltage, low ESL, long service life;
3. The film capacitor has high rated voltage, no need for series and balance resistors, low ESR ripple current resistance, and strong anti-surge current capability.


The electrode of the film capacitor is a nano-scale metal evaporated on the film. The product is non-polar, so it is very convenient for the user, and does not need to consider the problem of the positive and negative electrodes. For the electrolytic capacitor, if it exceeds 1.5 When the reverse voltage of the double Un is applied to the electrolytic capacitor, the internal chemical reaction of the capacitor occurs, and if the voltage continues for a long enough time, the electrolyte will flow out as the internal pressure of the capacitor is released.


The characteristics of the film which is not easy to age determine the long life of the film capacitor. Especially at rated voltage and rated use temperature, the service life is more than 15000 hours. If the average is 30Km/H, it can have 450,000Km in the life period. The mileage of the car is sufficient.

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