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Super capacitor battery boosts the development of hybrid vehicles - News

Super capacitor battery boosts the development of hybrid vehicles

366 Published by at September 02,2019

The origin of HEV, one aspect is from the energy crisis, on the other hand, environmental pollution, and the other is the relevant national policies. From these aspects, the hybrid demand is proposed. There are different ways to classify HEV, and a lot has been introduced in the morning and afternoon. Working principle, I am not professional, I will not introduce more, mainly related to the theme, talk about our lithium titanate battery and super capacitor.Super capacitor battery boosts

First of all, we must know the characteristics of HEV. At present, the first feature of HEV is the use of high frequency, frequent and shallow charge and discharge cycles. Second, the power requirements are relatively large, and the current and voltage are relatively large during the charging process. The change is the third; the third is the working environment, the actual working conditions are relatively complicated. In terms of temperature, the working temperature demand area is wider.Super capacitor battery boosts

According to the above actual working characteristics, the requirements for power supply design of our HEV-related power supply are put forward. First, the cycle life, battery cycle life requirements are relatively high, it is best to continue to use for more than 15 years. The second is high power charge and discharge performance. Third, the work adapts to a wider temperature, and has a better charge and discharge capacity at 40 and 70 degrees. The fourth is the issue of safety and stability. There have been safety incidents in both pure electric and hybrid electric vehicles. This is a matter of great concern. The fifth is the charging and discharging efficiency. The cycle of energy in the power battery must pass the cycle of charging-discharging-charging. The high charging and discharging efficiency plays an important role in ensuring the efficiency of the whole vehicle.Super capacitor battery boosts

At present, there are about ten kinds of matching battery solutions used in HEV, one is lead-acid battery; the other is traditional nickel-hydrogen battery; the third is lithium iron phosphate as cathode material, graphite or carbon as anode material; Lithium ternary nickel-cobalt-manganese hydride is used as the positive electrode material, graphite is the negative electrode material; fifth is the zinc-nickel battery; the sixth is the one I want to talk about today, the ternary material is used as the positive electrode, and the lithium titanate is used as the negative electrode, which is the titanic acid. Lithium battery, in fact, it is also a kind of our lithium-ion battery, but the negative electrode is different. Seven is the use of supercapacitors and other secondary batteries, used in hybrid electric vehicles. Of course, there are also flow batteries and fuel cells, iron-nickel batteries, etc., there are about a dozen.Super capacitor battery boosts

Summary: The battery is the source of power, and the importance of the capacitor as the storage power is of course very important. If the characteristics of the capacitor and the battery can be combined, it is definitely very attractive. This is the largest of the super capacitor battery. Potential, so if this battery can be popularized, it will bring a revolution.Super capacitor battery boosts

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