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Welcome to Ningbo International Electronics Show - News

Welcome to Ningbo International Electronics Show

375 Published by at October 14,2019

Welcome to Ningbo International Electronics Show
Address: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center

 (the intersection of Century Avenue and Tongtu Road)

Jinmaoyuan’s parteners  meet you in Ningbo

Just for
Show our vitality
Verify our products
Jin Maoyuan is grateful to the new and old customers for their support over the years.

I will share it with you at the scene.
Opening scene
Large-scale performances including dragon dance performances

Meet the customer 

Discuss cooperation

Answer the customer's question

Focus, only for better products
13 years, the pursuit of satisfaction of every customer
Careful layout, just looking forward to your arrival

We are capacitor resistor manufacturers
A comprehensive and comprehensive enterprise that produces and sells
Time: May 9th - May 11th
We are in the 4H21 exhibition hall and look forward to your arrival.

We are on Training On June.9th

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