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NTC Thermistors are widely used in the electronics field - News

NTC Thermistors are widely used in the electronics field

250 Published by at October 21,2019

NTC thermistor is a thermally sensitive semiconductor component whose resistance value changes significantly with temperature. NTC  thermistor whose resistance decreases when the temperature rises, called a negative temperature coefficient NTC thermistor, is widely used in the field of electronics.

When we measure and use the NTC thermistor, we always pass a certain amount of current, which causes the NTC thermistor to generate heat. The self-heating of the NTC thermistor will cause its resistance to decrease, and it will change dynamically during measurement and application. Therefore, controlling self-heating is the key to using the NTC thermistor. When the NTC thermistor is used for temperature measurement, self-heating should be avoided as much as possible. When the NTC thermistor is used for liquid level or wind speed measurement, self-heating is required.

ntc thermistor 10d-9

NTC Thermistors are widely used for temperature measurement because of their low cost and remarkable resistance to temperature changes. Usually, a precision resistor is connected in series with the NTC thermistor, and the change of the NTC thermistor resistance value is converted into a voltage change directly into the input interface of the A/D of the comparison circuit or the single chip microcomputer, and the circuit configuration is extremely simple without being subjected to amplification processing. When using the NTC thermistor, in addition to selecting the appropriate R value, the measurement speed and accuracy should also be considered. The higher the parameters are, the better, and the comparison and trade-offs are needed. Also consider its package size and mechanical strength.

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