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Multilayer ceramic capacitor 104 - News

Multilayer ceramic capacitor 104

363 Published by at December 29,2018

In addition to the general characteristics of the capacitor "straight through", the multilayer ceramic capacitor has the characteristics of small size, large volume, long life, high reliability and suitable for surface mounting. With the rapid development of the world electronics industry, as a basic component of the electronics industry, multilayer ceramic capacitors are also moving at an alarming rate, increasing at a rate of 10% to 15% per year.

The capacity units of the capacitor are: method (F), micro method (uf), and skin method (pf). Generally we don't use the unit because it is too big. The conversion relationship between units is: 1F=1000000uf 1uf=1000000pf In use, the unit is often seen: nf.  1uf=1000nf 1nf=1000pf

Capacitance directly identifies 0.47, which means capacity 47uf, capacitor withstand voltage 25v. The mathematical counting method is adopted: the value is 104, and the capacity is: 10X10000pf=0.1uf. If the value is 473, it is 47X1000pf=0.047uf. (The following 4, 3, all indicate how many times 10). Another example: 332 = 33X100pf = 3300pf.

Therefore, how much capacitance of the multilayer ceramic capacitor 104 can be identified by the method of identification. The identifier 104 represents a capacity of 0.1 uf.

What is the use of multilayer ceramic capacitor 104? The role of multilayer ceramic capacitors is energy storage exchange, filtering and so on. The range of the different sizes of the tapes varies, and the content of the reading time 104 is often used in some electronic devices, such as computers or some devices with high precision requirements.

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