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The Latest September Electronica India 2018 Exhibition Information Inform - News

The Latest September Electronica India 2018 Exhibition Information Inform

435 Published by Ellie at September 25,2018

There are still 7 days for the Electronica India 2018 Exhibition countdown.  Are you ready for the exhibition?

Do you need to know more quality capacitor resistors at the show? Do you want to find the right price through the show? And do you need to know more about the products and quality suppliers?

So, there will be an opportunity for you to get in touch with the suppliers, which is the Bangalore show on September 26-28.
YTF Capacitor exhibition in electronica India 2018

During the exhibition, you will get to know us at a close distance. You know, Jinmaoyuan, as a capacitor manufacturer with 13 years of experience in the capacitor industry, has its own brand "YTF capacitor".

At the same time, we have our own production workshop, perfect production system and advanced technology, as well as a complete supply chain system to provide customized services to our customers.

Therefore, if you have any questions or product inquiries, please pay attention to our facebook news and official website dynamic information, we will be the first time to broadcast our latest news at the exhibition.

You are also welcome to visit our booth. Our booth address is: Hall 4, Booth EK06. I hope that you can get the answer you want at the exhibition. We look forward to your coming!

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