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Ceramic capacitor

223 Published by at October 14,2019

As a kind of electronic components, ceramic capacitors have long appeared in various electronic products and are widely used.

What is ceramic capacitor?

The ceramic capacitor is a capacitor made of a ceramic material as a medium, a metal film coated on the surface of the ceramic, and then sintered at a high temperature as an electrode. It is commonly used in high-stability oscillation circuits. As a circuit, bypass capacitor, and pad capacitor, it is divided into variable capacitors with adjustable capacity and fixed capacitors with fixed capacity.

The ceramic capacitors are divided into high frequency ceramic capacitors and low frequency ceramic capacitors according to frequency. The high-frequency ceramic capacitor has small volume, high stability, good high-frequency characteristics, low loss (tgδ<0.01015), high dielectric strength, simple structure, and can also be used as capacitors with different temperature characteristics. High-frequency ceramic capacitors are mainly used in high-frequency circuits and high-frequency high-voltage circuits in electronic equipment. The low-frequency ceramic capacitor has the advantages of small volume and large capacity, but has poor stability and large loss angle, and is mainly used for low-frequency bypass, DC blocking, and filtering circuits.

What are the characteristics of ceramic capacitors?

High-frequency capacitor, small capacity; high frequency; low loss; stable operation.
Low frequency capacitor, small size; large capacity; high withstand voltage; low price.

Ceramic capacitor MLCC (Class 1) miniaturization, high frequency, ultra low loss, low ESR, high stability, high withstand voltage, high insulation, high reliability, no polarity, low capacitance, low cost, high temperature resistance, main application In high frequency circuits.

Ceramic capacitor MLCC (Class 2) miniaturization, high specific volume, medium and high voltage, non-polar, high reliability, high temperature resistance, low ESR, low cost. Mainly used in medium and low frequency circuits for use as capacitors for blocking, coupling, bypassing and filtering.

As a kind of electronic components, ceramic capacitors have long appeared in various electronic products and are widely used.

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