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Capacitance: new positioning in the market - News

Capacitance: new positioning in the market

330 Published by at October 14,2019

                                            Capacitance: new positioning in the market
The development of science and technology has made some technologies and concepts no longer limited to traditional fields. The development of new materials and emerging markets has promoted the extension of traditional component technologies to emerging fields. For example, capacitors have found new positions in many fields.

Just like the birth of Windows, changing the way human-computer interaction,                                                                                                  screen touch technology also pushes human-computer interaction to a new era. After years of development, capacitive touch screen technology has begun to show a unique advantage.

The earliest market for introducing touch technology was in the field of industrial control. The purpose was to integrate a complex and large-scale mechanical device control panel into a single-window, multi-page screen. At that time, a medium-sized and large-sized resistive screen was used. However, the shortevity and tolerance of the resistive screen are not enough to meet the needs of the industrial control field. Until around 2003, due to the reduced manufacturing cost of the resistive screen, small sizes were used in portable products such as PDAs and GPS, and touch technology officially entered the consumer market. However, in terms of the consumer electronics market, there are many unsatisfactory places for resistive screens. In 2006, the iPhone with a small capacitive touch screen came out. Apple's excellent marketing ability combined with the high-quality optical characteristics and multi-touch function of the capacitive touch screen immediately set off a wave of trends, becoming the most eye-catching touch technology in recent years.

The signals detected by capacitive touch technology come from small changes caused by touch. According to different working principles, it can be roughly divided into surface capacitive touch technology (SCT) and projected capacitive touch technology (PCT). The former is commonly used in large-scale outdoor applications, such as public information platforms and public service platforms (POS machines), and small-sized consumer electronic devices such as the iPhone use PCT technology extensively.
Compared with the current market share of resistive touch (extension products of resistance technology) technology, capacitive touch technology has several advantages: up to 97% penetration and more realistic color rendering; touch function implementation only The touch does not even need to actually touch the screen; for a longer service life, the touch life of the capacitive screen is about 200 million times, which is two hundred times of the four-wire resistive screen (one million times), and the five-wire resistive screen (40 million times) Five times.

According to the iSuppli survey, global touchpad production is expected to rise from $2.4 billion in 2006 to $4.4 billion in 2012. More than 100 manufacturers and 300 assembly companies and auxiliary machinery suppliers have been gathered in this field. Among them, the capacitive touch panel will quickly replace other technologies driven by the iPhone and become the mainstream in the market.

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