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A simple method to test the quality of high voltage ceramic capacitors. - News

A simple method to test the quality of high voltage ceramic capacitors.

385 Published by at December 19,2018

How do you detect the quality of the  high voltage ceramic capacitor?

Detect small high voltage ceramic capacitor below 10pF - Because the fixed capacitor capacity below 10pF is too small, use a multimeter to measure, only qualitatively check for leakage, internal short circuit or breakdown. When measuring, you can use the multimeter R&TImes; 10k block, use two meter pens to connect the two pins of the capacitor, the resistance should be infinity. If the measured resistance value (the pointer swings to the right) is zero, the capacitor leakage is damaged or internal breakdown.

Check whether the 10PF~0 01μF fixed high voltage ceramic capacitor has a charging phenomenon, and then judge whether it is good or bad. The multimeter uses R&TImes; 1k block. The beta values  of the two triodes are all above 100 and the penetration current is small. A composite tube of 3DG6 and other types of silicon triodes can be selected. The red and black test leads of the multimeter are respectively connected to the emitter e and the collector c of the composite tube. Due to the amplification effect of the composite triode, the charging and discharging process of the measured capacitor is amplified, so that the multimeter pointer swing amplitude is increased, thereby facilitating observation. It should be noted that during the test operation, especially when measuring the capacitance of a small capacity, it is necessary to repeatedly exchange the two points of the measured capacitor pins to contact A and B to clearly see the swing of the multimeter pointer.

For fixed high voltage ceramic capacitor above 0 01μF, the multimeter's R&TImes; 10k block can be used to directly test whether the capacitor has a charging process and whether there is an internal short circuit or leakage, and the capacity of the high voltage ceramic capacitor can be estimated according to the magnitude of the pointer swinging to the right.

Do you know if the quality of thehigh voltage ceramic capacitor is detected? Such a simple detection method can timely check whether the capacitor is faulty or damaged, and timely repair and replace, in order to ensure the production of the product or the operation of the device.

The quality of the ceramic chip is measured by a multimeter

The digital multimeter has a capacitance test position, which can directly measure the capacity of the high voltage ceramic capacitor. Without this gear position, the capacity cannot be measured, and the resistance file can only be used to roughly judge the continuity.


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