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David - A nice man who I respect - Clients

David - A nice man who I respect

5199 Published by at August 06,2018

David is a very nice man from Dominican, generally place 2-3 orders every month .

I respect him and ragards him as my dad, we have our own greeting ways, I love that.just like that we have secret between us.

He is very happy with our quality and service. Now we have become his long term electronic components supplier. 

He talk with me about daily life few, but he like talk with me about family, and also my family, he even remember my sister and my parents.

He said I like a doll, I saw the picture when he was young, I think many girls love him at that time, he is so charming and hansome.

Everytime we talk business directly and understand well. I  know his mother lauguage is Spanish, sothe first time I have idea that I want to learn this lauguange well.

I want to share you the important thing is: Customer also can be our good friend, even can help us become better.


From JMY-Karen




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