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Daniel -He said we are a trustworthy supplier

5186 Published by at August 06,2018

Daniel comes from Mexico.He was a client I developed in May 2017.He is the more serious person in the image,so every inquiry I will be extremely serious.
Every insistence will be rewarded,we started the first order in June 2017,although only a small amount,but I believe all the big orders are accumulated from small amounts.
Slowly, we have more exchanges,he has his own shop in Mexico,although already 47 years old,but every day is too busy and sleep late,I found him a very amiable person during cooperation time.
Just six months,our cooperation is closer,accumulated from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollar,as long as there is demand we will promptly shipped.
He trusts me very much,and each payment will deposit more money to our account,he said we are a trustworthy supplier.
Hope that we have a greater breakthrough for cooperation in 2018.

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