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The principle and resistance relationship of the ntc thermistor - Case

The principle and resistance relationship of the ntc thermistor

611 Published by at October 14,2019

The principle and resistance relationship of the ntc thermistor   

The principle of the ntc thermistor: The ntc thermistor will be in a non-operating state for a long time; when the ambient temperature and current are in the c-zone, the heat-dissipating power of the ntc thermistor is close to the heating power, and thus may or may not operate. When the ntc thermistor has the same ambient temperature, the operating time is sharply shortened as the current increases. The ntc thermistor has a shorter operating time and a smaller holding current and operating current when the ambient temperature is relatively high.

The relationship between ntc thermistor and resistance: The typical characteristics of the thermistor are temperature sensitive and exhibit different resistance values ​​at different temperatures. The positive temperature coefficient ntc thermistor (PTC) has a higher resistance value at higher temperatures, and the lower the resistance value of the negative temperature coefficient ntc thermistor (NTC) at higher temperatures, they belong to the semiconductor device.

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