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What are the precautions for the application of chip inductors? - Case

What are the precautions for the application of chip inductors?

594 Published by at October 14,2019

What are the precautions for the application of chip inductors?
1. When repairing, you can't just know the inductance and replace it. You must know its working frequency band to restore the original working performance. Please note that the Q value is a frequency dependent parameter and only has a high Q value when the operating frequency range is appropriate. For example, an inductor has a Q value greater than 80 around 1000 MHz, and a Q value may be less than 30 if used at 50 MHz. Therefore, at higher frequencies, inductors with high Q values ​​are used at lower frequencies, and Q values ​​are not high. This is to be noted.

2. The chip-shaped passive components R, C, and L have the same shape and size, and there is no mark on the component (the component measurement is also very inconvenient). When hand soldering or manual patching, be careful not to misplace or take the wrong component. .

3. Some chip inductors can be soldered by wave soldering or reflow soldering, but some do not allow wave soldering, such as A-type and microwave chip inductors in low-power winding type.
4. The pad width of the inductor is smaller than the inductor width to prevent excessive solder from causing excessive tensile stress (pull inductor) when cooling. This is more important for microwave chip inductors (its thickness is only 0.5 mm), as shown in the figure for the 0805 size pad design. This is because the stress generated when the excessive solder cools and shrinks will change the inductance value.

5. The accuracy of commercially available inductors is mostly ±10%. If the required accuracy is higher than ±5%, ordering may be required.

6. For communication equipment operating in the 150-900MHz frequency band, most of its inductors are I-shaped wound inductors, which are suitable for UHF frequency bands. Common specifications are: 1~2.2nH.

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