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I And My A Customer's $30,000 Transaction Story(2)--YTF Electrolytic Capacitor - Case

I And My A Customer's $30,000 Transaction Story(2)--YTF Electrolytic Capacitor

786 Published by at October 14,2019

I And My A Customer's $30,000 Transaction Story2--YTF Electrolytic Capacitor

After the end of the first order, I made a lot of determination and spent most of my time on the product. The results have gradually become more prominent, and A customers have only made inquiries from time to time and sold some small orders. By the end of 2018, the customer gave me a big quotation form, and the customer said that the quotation was as soon as possible. I gave the quotation form to the customer that day. The customer said that after the discussion with the team, I will tell me whether to place an order and when to place an order. Later, the customer also asked the specifications of some products in the quotation form, I gave them to the customer one by one, the customer was very satisfied.

After the New Year's Day in 2019, the customer emailed me to let me do the PI, and the price has been fully confirmed. I give PI to the customer and ask when I will pay, when I want all the goods, and how to transport them. The customer quickly replied to my email and said that he had arranged for his finances to pay 10,000 US dollars to stock up. I hope to get all the goods before the Spring Festival. I and the Purchasing Department confirm the stocking period of all products, and the goods can be delivered to the customers before the Spring Festival. The customer said that the company will check the goods next week and then arrange the transportation.

Finally, the customer came to the company in mid-January 2019 and saw that I had prepared most of the goods. I am very happy that the final payment will be paid before delivery. On January 17, 2019, the goods were arranged to be transported to the customer's hands. I also invited the customers and customers' friends to attend the company's annual meeting on January 20th. The customers were pleased to be invited.

After nearly five months, I finally stabilized my customers in the company's customer base. I am very happy and feel that my own efforts have been gratifying! "The harder and harder I work" is my motto.


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