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2ty represents what and parameters on the patch transistor - Case

2ty represents what and parameters on the patch transistor

1790 Published by at October 14,2019

What is the 2TY table on the patch transistor?

On the triode you can see the logos such as 2TY, J3Y, etc. These suffixes refer to the package form of the transistor, which is also the silkscreen code of the triode. The code 2TY represents the transistor model is 8550 PNP SOT23 whose parameters are / resistant Voltage: 25V / current: 0.5A / package: S0T23 package.

SMD transistor manufacturers have different screen printing characters. Use a multimeter to hit the measuring diode position. NPN uses the red pen to receive the B pin. Then use the black pen to measure the C and E feet respectively. It is good to see the numbers in the hundreds. NPN uses the black test pen to receive the B foot, and then uses the red test pen to measure the C and E feet separately. It is good to see the numbers in the hundreds of displays.

The main function of the patch transistor is to improve the electrical signals of lower intensity. Of course, this shift will continue to monitor the energy that follows the energy conversion only at the signal energy.

An important parameter for the triode is the transistor current gain factor β. If the base of the transistor applies a small current, current, which is the beta injection current, that is, the collector current can be obtained from the collector. A small change in the base current will cause a collector current, which is a significant change in the enhanced transition patch. The triode can also be used as an electronic switch, and can be used in conjunction with other related electronic components to constitute an oscillator. If you need to replace the replacement, you must understand the performance of the original pipe (or the required pipe) (general triode, switch triode, etc.), structure (such as Darlington, band-resistance triode, combined patch triode) Or have special requirements (such as high back pressure, low noise, etc.) and some of the main parameters and then find the same performance, function, structure and parameters from the manual (or company data sheet) to test or replace, in addition, pay attention to Is the working frequency (either MF segment, HF segment, VHF segment or UHF segment, etc.). The choice is to meet the requirements of the working frequency.

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