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Supercapacitor features - Case

Supercapacitor features

581 Published by at October 14,2019

Supercapacitor features

1) Charging speed is fast, charging for 10 seconds and 10 minutes can reach 95 or more of its rated capacity.

2) Long cycle life, deep charge and discharge cycles up to 10,000 to 500,000 times without "memory effect"

3) High current discharge capacity, super energy conversion efficiency, high process loss, small current energy cycle efficiency, ≥90%

4) The power density is as high as 300W/KG~5000W/KG, which is equivalent to 5~10 times of the battery.

5) The raw material composition, production, use, storage and dismantling process are not polluting. It is an ideal green power source.

6) The charging and discharging circuit is simple, no need to charge the battery, the charging circuit has a high safety factor, and the long-term use is maintenance-free.

7) Ultra-low temperature characteristics, good temperature range -40°C+70°C

8) Detection is convenient and the remaining power can be read directly

9) The capacity range is usually 0.1F--1000F.

Farad, referred to as "French", the symbol is F

1 Farah is a capacitor to store 1 coulomb of electricity, the potential difference between the two plates is 1 volt 1F = 1C / 1V

1 Coulomb is the amount of electricity that 1A current is transported within 1 s, ie 1C = 1A•S.

1 coulomb = 1 ampere • second

1 Farad = 1 amp • second / volt

The low impedance of farad capacitors is essential for many high power applications today. For fast charge and discharge, a small ESR of a farad capacitor means a greater power output.

◆ Instantaneous power pulse application, short-term power support for important storage and memory systems.

Application examples

1) Fast charging application, charging in a few seconds, discharging in a few minutes. Such as electric tools, electric toys;

2) In UPS systems, supercapacitors provide instantaneous power output as a supplement to the backup power source of the engine or other uninterrupted system;

3) Applied to energy-rich, power-poor energy sources such as solar energy;

4) Power support when the bus is switched from one power source to another;

5) Small current, long-term continuous discharge, such as computer memory backup power;

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