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Potentiometer replacement step - Case

Potentiometer replacement step

610 Published by at October 14,2019

Potentiometer replacement step

The potentiometer has multiple pins. In order to prevent the wrong pin from being replaced during replacement, the following specific steps and methods can be used:

In the first step, remove the same set screw of the original potentiometer, but do not solder the lead on the original potentiometer pin piece, and let the lead wire be connected to the potentiometer.

In the second step, the new potentiometer is mounted and fixed.

In the third step, a lead is soldered on the original potentiometer pin piece, and the lead wire is soldered on the corresponding pin piece of the new potentiometer, and the new and old potentiometers are welded.

In the fourth step, the same method is used to solder the pins. This type of soldering can be used to avoid soldering the misalignment between the leads.

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