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India Delhi Major Customer (S) Return Order - Case

India Delhi Major Customer (S) Return Order

806 Published by Selina Jiang at November 01,2019

India Delhi Major Customer (S) Return Order



Customer S is from Delhi, India. He visited our Shenzhen Jinmaoyuan Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. in November last year with his friends. The customer originally only came to visit, and later saw the company's products on the heart of the order. Later, due to the delivery period and transportation cycle, the customer did not re-plan new orders until May of this year. Customers are mainly to electrolytic capacitors, customized brands.

For a long time before, the customer was not connected. Later, I sent greetings every other week, and the holidays continued to send greetings to customers. Customers occasionally responded with a thank you. It is also a daily connection with the customer. Of course, I also called the customer several times to ask questions and opinions about the company's products, and what needs help for the electrolytic capacitors in the previous order? What is the sales feedback? and many more. Basically, I am looking for a topic to talk to customers.

Later, the customer said that Selina would like to thank you for your support and help. Your company's capacitor quality is very good, my customers feedback is very good, and the efficiency is very high. The customer is very satisfied, that is, the price is a bit expensive.

After chatting with the customer for more than a month and confirming the latest big orders, the customer is very happy to say that I hope to cooperate with us again.

Customers want to establish a long-term relationship, saying that our company can guarantee their actual supply and capacitor quality. I said that this is no problem. I am always waiting for them here. Our company also hopes to have long-term cooperation, mutual friendship and mutual benefit.

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