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How to Operate an Old Customer--YTF Capacitor - Case

How to Operate an Old Customer--YTF Capacitor

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This is Selina from Shenzhen Jinmao Yuan Techology Co.,Ltd, which specialize in this field for more than 10 years.

Our products cover electrolytic capacitor, high, middle electrolytic capacitor, and so on.

And then we are happy to share you our company special and perfect service.

1, Good after-sales service

(1) Do not think that the transaction will be completed after signing the contract.

Because some companies do not pay attention to after-sales service that piece, resulting in a lot of people and customers sign a deposit, no matter what! Once a customer said a very worthy of the sales staff thought: "I brush the card, the future will not see", this is the problem of consciousness.

In fact, after signing the contract is the beginning of the service, the rapid turnover at this stage leads to the sales staff and customers is not familiar, so and the customer has no feelings, want to let into Customers to become your regular customers, you must participate in after-sales service, this is the opportunity to contact customers, salespeople should grasp very well.

(2) Actively assist the customer to solve the problem:

In the process of after-sale, there will be a variety of problems, at this time the sales staff should be very active to help the customer, not the choice of escape; a lot of salespeople are afraid of receiving the customer's phone, or some simply do not answer.

Think of it as the biggest damage to the customer. Customers have problems to come to you, is completely trust you, can not find you, you think how urgent they are, how disappointed they will be to us. So salespeople should like customers to come to us, because these are opportunities, especially dealing with disputes, each time dealing with disputes can create old customers! Assist after-sale service department to do after-sale service later.

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