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Do Foreign Trade and Send Sample Techniques and Precautions--YTF Capacitor - Case

Do Foreign Trade and Send Sample Techniques and Precautions--YTF Capacitor

717 Published by at October 14,2019


This is Selina from Shenzhen Jinmao Yuan Techology Co.,Ltd, which specialize in this field for more than 10 years.

Our products cover electrolytic capacitor, high, middle electrolytic capacitor, and so on.

And then we are happy to share you our company sample details.

Three steps

(1)Preparation before sending sample

The details of samples, specifications, packaging, specifications, quantity requirements and format invoice can not be ignored.

When necessary, it can be combined with mail and CD-ROM and photos.

(2)Sampling principle

The samples should be representative, and they should be sampled from mass production products.

Ensure that the quality of samples to be sent is strictly in line with customer requirements.

It is necessary to keep samples and production batches and other relevant information for future verification.

(3)Confirm the sample address with the customer

Such as trade intermediaries and so on, there is often a difference between the company address and the sending address. Once the mistake is sent, it will seriously affect your business.



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