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Business Negotiation--YTF Capacitor - Case

Business Negotiation--YTF Capacitor

695 Published by at October 14,2019


This is Selina from Shenzhen Jinmao Yuan Techology Co.,Ltd, which specialize in this field for more than 10 years.

Our products cover electrolytic capacitor, high, middle electrolytic capacitor, and so on.

And then I was happy to share you some news about the business.

Issues related to the success of the business negotiation. To achieve success, we must study the skills and methods of quotation in business negotiations. As the space is limited, let's just talk about the skills of quotation.

1.Quotation starting strategy

The usual practice of this strategy is to offer the highest starting price as a seller and the lowest starting price as a buyer. In the case of the seller, the advantages of the highest offer are:

(1) The opening price gives the seller the maximum price.

(2) Secondly, the opening price will affect the buyer's impression of the goods or services provided by the seller.

(3) Once again, the opening price is higher, and there will be more room for future bargaining.

(4) After the left, the opening price is higher and the final transaction price is higher. Conversely, the opening price is lower and the final transaction is concluded.

The price is also low.

2.Quotation timing strategy

As the name suggests, this strategy is to quote the most appropriate price at the most precise time. That is, in business negotiations, we should first make a full understanding of what the value of the use of the goods will bring to the other party. Experience shows that the best time to offer an offer is generally the price of the other party, because it shows that the other party has been interested in the goods, and the quotation is often a matter of time.


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