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Advantages of solid electrolytic capacitors compared to liquid electrolytic capacitors - Case

Advantages of solid electrolytic capacitors compared to liquid electrolytic capacitors

652 Published by at October 14,2019

Advantages of solid electrolytic capacitors compared to liquid electrolytic capacitors

Solid capacitors are called: solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The biggest difference between it and the liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor is that different dielectric materials are used, the liquid aluminum capacitor dielectric material is the electrolyte, and the solid capacitor dielectric material is the conductive polymer material.
Due to the use of new solid electrolytes, solid electrolytic capacitors have excellent properties that liquid electrolytic capacitors cannot. These electrical properties are particularly important for improving applications characterized by high frequencies in computer systems. A variety of excellent characteristics of solid electrolytic capacitors can provide complementary effects for the motherboard. The advantages of solid electrolytic capacitors over liquid electrolytic capacitors are three main points:
1. High stability: solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor can be stably maintained in high temperature environment
For work, the use of solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors can directly improve the performance of the motherboard, and at the same time, due to its stable impedance over a wide temperature range, it is suitable for power supply filtering. It can effectively provide a stable and abundant power supply, which is especially important in overclocking.
Solid capacitors still work well in high temperature environments, maintaining a variety of electrical performance. Its capacitance does not vary by more than 15% over the full temperature range, significantly better than liquid electrolytic capacitors. At the same time, the capacitance of the solid electrolytic capacitor is basically independent of its working voltage, thus ensuring its stable operation in a voltage fluctuation environment.
2. Long life: Solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors have an extremely long service life (more than 50 years of service life). Compared with liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, it can be counted as "long life". It will not be broken down or worry about the electrolyte electrolyte drying and leakage affecting the stability of the motherboard. Due to the lack of liquid electrolyte problems, solid electrolytic capacitors make the motherboard more stable and reliable.

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